Louisiane Vintage Dancers


LVD shirts - Royal blue polo shirts with LVD embroidery

Embroidered, royal blue, polo-style shirts that can be worn at the Highland Games and performances when we are not required to be in costume.   

Click here to see samples of the shirts, embroidery and the order form.  The “Cotton” shirts are 100% cotton, and the “Tech” shirts are 100% polyester.  Prices are as follows and include left-chest embroidery fee and tax:

Men's Cotton S-XL - $30.52
Men's Cotton 2XL-3XL - $32.16
Men's Tech S-XL - $18.53
Men's Tech 2XL-3XL - $20.71
Men's Tech 4XL - $25.07

Women's Cotton S-XL - $21.80
Women's Cotton 2XL-3XL - $23.98
Women's Tech S-XL - $18.53
Women's Tech 2XL-3XL - $20.71

Orders can be taken at dance class or you may order via email through the website.  Payment is due with the order.  Make checks out to Louisiane Vintage Dancers and mail to PO Box 815, Zachary, LA 70791.